Monday, 26 April 2010

finding fingz.

Websites, researching, looking, thinking, drawing, painting, exhibiting. 

Here's what I found today. I'm stuck in bed with pain killers and its not fun, so sketchbook it is.

September - May...Timeline.

Since September, when my work was based on female beauty, dealing with issues of pressure from ourselves, media and peers etc to be beautiful, i felt that, that topic had become stale with me and although i enjoyed the idea of it, the work wasn't moving. So i looked back on my portfolio of work, and found work from starting at LJMU and found self portraits that i used to draw. looking through this work, inspired me to go back to basics and start with me. So i began a series of finger painted self portraits, and from there an idea of advertisement and Bollywood glamour began.

i like the idea of large self portraits painted in the style of over glamorized faces advertising just pure fun and happiness. Simple. 

I'm now working on large almost life-size billboard boards of wood to complete my idea of re-creating 'Serena's Bollywood fantasy'. Celebrating everything i think is gorgeous about the silly love stories of Bollywood films.

So to cap, my work has moved from dealing with female beauty and the body, to self portraits and now to bollywood billboards. Not forgetting all the stepping stones in between. 

I'm not sure if that makes any sense at the moment....but the journeys been interesting. 

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Working on small boards to practice and develop ideas for the larger final piece. 

My theme for this project, to re-cap is re-living my childhood memories of watching and falling in love with the hero's and heroines of the bollywood movie screen. Researching the films, I found new love - their hand-painted billboards. 

Heres 2 that i'm working on at the moment. don't laugh.

been awhile....

So my work on completing these Bollywood style advertisements of my childhood fantasies of Bollywood films is coming to an end. I'm working on 3boards that total to the size of 8x12...eekk!

I've been lucky and have no idea how i have managed this...but have been given permission to display my painting on Parr St. Liverpool, opposite the Monro pub....I did want this work displayed at my final exhibition but alas the space was not big enough. I'm also working on smaller pieces of wood to help my develop the 'billboard' idea...its these boards that you will see displayed for the show!!

I'll keep you updated with Parr St. 

These photos are the boards of wood i will be painting for Parr St as part of my real life Bollywood billboards.