Thursday, 4 March 2010

British Turf.

Is Good. 

After an emotional, long, tiring journey just to get the Punajb, I was greeted by the all to well known traditions, colours (of course!) nosey faces, and smiles. An experience, thats changed my attitude towards my current work, in a way I thought it couldn't. Hoping to be thrown into a culture that was ready to help with open arms, colours in my face, i felt an overwhelming feeling of confusion, loneliness, and wanting my creature comforts, I was in a place where i really needed to be strong and get on. After a day or two of being the spoilt British brat, I got into my 'role' as a young lady wanting to be involved in everything around me. This trip as truly been the kick up the ass I needed, inspiration in the bucket loadsand now theres nothing left to do but to paint!

Photos will follow as promised...


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