Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Billboard your face.

An idea that see' me re-creating the glory of 60's and 70's bollywood glamour. Using the style of the women's clothing, make up and pose, i want to use myself as the tool that advertises the old ideals of what a beautiful women was 'meant' to look like; Pale skinned, Big eyes, curvy figures, and ulitmately oozing glamour and sex appeal, so basically the opposite of me, which is the irony of the billboards.

To go ahead with this idea, i firstly want to look at making photoshop and hand drawn A3 posters of the same style, and post them around the town center to build up to the final piece, which i am hoping to be at least 8x16 ft. painted by hand on wooden boards.Billboard your face.

विथ लव क्ष

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