Monday, 8 March 2010

The Beautiful Boutique

An idea i've been thinking about is creating 'Your Beautiful Boutique'. An idea that involves constructed a make shift beauty parlor/shop/dressing room? for the 'audience' to walk into and feel like there in there own space, surrounded by beautiful things, mirrors, sounds of india (i recorded various different conversations with shop keepers, background music, and general talk about clothes from my visit in india) and hopefully leave feeling good and girly...(optional for boys?!) Its a big project, and maybe something that needs more time to think about, rather than rushing to get it completed for the exhibition. But i'll keep it in the background and see how well it ties in. 

I've also added a clip of a recording i took whilst shoppingin Jalandhar, a busy indian bazaar that sells anything and everything....awesome but noisy place

The pictures i added because there pretty and make me inspired about this 'dressing room' idea.

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