Friday, 29 January 2010


My love affair with Frida Kahlo, verging on insane obsession.

Her colours are always so strong, make me want to work harder.
She's always been an artist i can continually go back to look at. During my new work on colour, Frida Kahlo will be someone I will reference for inspiration, her use of colour is amazing. A true colourist.



Traveling to India between 12th and 26th of February, I'm planning on using this family vacation to collect everything i see around me, in terms of colour and how/where its used;EVERYWHERE. This will be perfect for my final collection of work at LJMU.

Photo's, video's and my work i did out there, will be put up as soon as I land back on Ainsdale turf.


Working Progress.

Times are changing.

The past 3 years have been focused heavily on recreating and abstracting the female form. The reason being, so I could draw out my own feelings as a young women in my 20's, how I feel about societies role for women, and the pressure we put on ourselves and that we get from others to behave and look a certain way. However, changing and growing up as an artist, I feel my subject matter has evolved. the more I become happy and satisfied with myself the less important it becomes to try and find answers for the questions I once had.
Instead I want to look at experimenting with colours. A trip to India in February, I am hoping can help feed my new obsession. I have always been very abstract with what I have created, and although changing my concept, the use of colour in my previous work has always been very important. Keeping to the same formula as before, I aim to create large paintings, full of colour, purely for visual stimulation.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


The sketchbook pages I have selected, are the ones i felt where my work had begun changing, and the transisiton bewteen work on the female form into colour started.