Wednesday, 29 September 2010

la muse dans toi.

According to the theory of Alice Jardine and her theory of 'Gynesis'...we woman, have a deep and complex organism within ourselves, conscious or not, that inspires our male counterparts.


if you chose to read this book, don't fall too much for pro-feminism - a lot of it is just her own opinion.

thats enough said at the moment.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

this one fly girl stole my heart.

i'm in love with this blog.

its love.

everything from the music, fashion, culture, design, women...its all brillaint.

check the flygirl out.

crème a la mode

cup cakes.

nail me.

university done dusted = dead/m.i.a/sleeping/closed and out of service = empty blog.

naked please.

i believe every women should make time to paint their nails when ever the mood fits (24/7)...obsessive, maybe (yes) beautiful, definitely.

i've been doin' nude...use the O.P.I or MAC colours, if your on a budget Barry M is just as a gloow-ssy.

minx bitch.

metal nails?...yes please...done the red...move on to the gold.


Monday, 26 April 2010

finding fingz.

Websites, researching, looking, thinking, drawing, painting, exhibiting. 

Here's what I found today. I'm stuck in bed with pain killers and its not fun, so sketchbook it is.

September - May...Timeline.

Since September, when my work was based on female beauty, dealing with issues of pressure from ourselves, media and peers etc to be beautiful, i felt that, that topic had become stale with me and although i enjoyed the idea of it, the work wasn't moving. So i looked back on my portfolio of work, and found work from starting at LJMU and found self portraits that i used to draw. looking through this work, inspired me to go back to basics and start with me. So i began a series of finger painted self portraits, and from there an idea of advertisement and Bollywood glamour began.

i like the idea of large self portraits painted in the style of over glamorized faces advertising just pure fun and happiness. Simple. 

I'm now working on large almost life-size billboard boards of wood to complete my idea of re-creating 'Serena's Bollywood fantasy'. Celebrating everything i think is gorgeous about the silly love stories of Bollywood films.

So to cap, my work has moved from dealing with female beauty and the body, to self portraits and now to bollywood billboards. Not forgetting all the stepping stones in between. 

I'm not sure if that makes any sense at the moment....but the journeys been interesting. 

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Working on small boards to practice and develop ideas for the larger final piece. 

My theme for this project, to re-cap is re-living my childhood memories of watching and falling in love with the hero's and heroines of the bollywood movie screen. Researching the films, I found new love - their hand-painted billboards. 

Heres 2 that i'm working on at the moment. don't laugh.

been awhile....

So my work on completing these Bollywood style advertisements of my childhood fantasies of Bollywood films is coming to an end. I'm working on 3boards that total to the size of 8x12...eekk!

I've been lucky and have no idea how i have managed this...but have been given permission to display my painting on Parr St. Liverpool, opposite the Monro pub....I did want this work displayed at my final exhibition but alas the space was not big enough. I'm also working on smaller pieces of wood to help my develop the 'billboard' idea...its these boards that you will see displayed for the show!!

I'll keep you updated with Parr St. 

These photos are the boards of wood i will be painting for Parr St as part of my real life Bollywood billboards.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Billboard your face.

An idea that see' me re-creating the glory of 60's and 70's bollywood glamour. Using the style of the women's clothing, make up and pose, i want to use myself as the tool that advertises the old ideals of what a beautiful women was 'meant' to look like; Pale skinned, Big eyes, curvy figures, and ulitmately oozing glamour and sex appeal, so basically the opposite of me, which is the irony of the billboards.

To go ahead with this idea, i firstly want to look at making photoshop and hand drawn A3 posters of the same style, and post them around the town center to build up to the final piece, which i am hoping to be at least 8x16 ft. painted by hand on wooden boards.Billboard your face.

विथ लव क्ष

Monday, 8 March 2010

The Girl Cell.

it lets us be colourful. 

The Beautiful Boutique

An idea i've been thinking about is creating 'Your Beautiful Boutique'. An idea that involves constructed a make shift beauty parlor/shop/dressing room? for the 'audience' to walk into and feel like there in there own space, surrounded by beautiful things, mirrors, sounds of india (i recorded various different conversations with shop keepers, background music, and general talk about clothes from my visit in india) and hopefully leave feeling good and girly...(optional for boys?!) Its a big project, and maybe something that needs more time to think about, rather than rushing to get it completed for the exhibition. But i'll keep it in the background and see how well it ties in. 

I've also added a clip of a recording i took whilst shoppingin Jalandhar, a busy indian bazaar that sells anything and everything....awesome but noisy place

The pictures i added because there pretty and make me inspired about this 'dressing room' idea.

Jamini Roy

Sunday, 7 March 2010

colourful faces.

A Selection of images of faces, women and good use of colour, that I have collected recently...artists unknown. 


Late night arting, would be rubbish without music. I'm not feeling to inspired at the moment to motivate myself...india was maybe a overload? maybe thats just an excuse. Nothing better than bit of raphael saadiq before bedtime in my ears giving good ol' fashioned r'n'b eargasims...mmmm music xoxo 

might mix up my new colour theme with the faces and mix old with new. will post new work up with india photos soon!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

British Turf.

Is Good. 

After an emotional, long, tiring journey just to get the Punajb, I was greeted by the all to well known traditions, colours (of course!) nosey faces, and smiles. An experience, thats changed my attitude towards my current work, in a way I thought it couldn't. Hoping to be thrown into a culture that was ready to help with open arms, colours in my face, i felt an overwhelming feeling of confusion, loneliness, and wanting my creature comforts, I was in a place where i really needed to be strong and get on. After a day or two of being the spoilt British brat, I got into my 'role' as a young lady wanting to be involved in everything around me. This trip as truly been the kick up the ass I needed, inspiration in the bucket loadsand now theres nothing left to do but to paint!

Photos will follow as promised...


Wednesday, 10 February 2010


My last day of painting before India!!!

I've already gained some good insight into what i want my final piece to look like now. From taking close ups off small sections of the large canvas, i can take bits that i like. I'm not overly keen myself on the look at the moment, as i much prefere the image of the close ups. So from here i can work out that i need to work bigger in terms of brush strokes and details.

Hopefully when i'm back from India i'll able to get back into this idea and produce something more solid.

feeelin' happppy!!!!!! BBYYYYEEEEEE

From this....
To this....

Tuesday, 9 February 2010



My blog might appear quite for the next two weeks (12th to 26th) as i'll be away soaking up the colours of India - don't mistake this for laziness...but the internet cafes with there slow connections in the Punjab don't appeal to me!!

Promise to make up for my absence when I'm back with lots of colour!!! xoxo

Saturday, 6 February 2010


..Um although i have kept my blog updated with all the work I am doing at the moment, I'm not feeling the benefits from having one. I haven't seen other updated work, had feedback or any responses, and i'm truly just a bit confused as to why we have chosen this option to promote our final work. For students like myself, who find it isn't always possible to be in the studio spaces,I was happy to hear there would be a blogging network, to keep contact and feedback at maxium levels, however, this feels pointless at the moment...none the less, i'll keep it updated and hopefully hear back from tutors and peers?

ahhhh blogging? x

Friday, 5 February 2010

Step 2; Using colour on big scale.

From the portraits and getting the feel for colours again I tried my hand at working on large scale canvases (4.5x3.5ft). Heres what I came up with today.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Colouring my face.

A step on my journey into colour.
Paintings on A4 size wood boards, working with colours as an experiment towards my final piece.

Re-creating my past. My first year at LJMU was a journey into colour, family, culture and all the things that made me happy. I re-discovered old portraits I had done 4 years ago, and decided to re-work the ideas I had back then, as they seem fitting with what I want to create for my final pieces of work. This is what I have come up with so far.

I'm happy with the outcome at the moment, although I know a lot of work is needed for these new ideas to move on from what I have done perviously. EXCITEDD xoxo

Friday, 29 January 2010


My love affair with Frida Kahlo, verging on insane obsession.

Her colours are always so strong, make me want to work harder.
She's always been an artist i can continually go back to look at. During my new work on colour, Frida Kahlo will be someone I will reference for inspiration, her use of colour is amazing. A true colourist.